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Hilde De Witte

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Radar systems are a prerequisite for automated and autonomous driving. However, the amount of radar sensors per car must increase from one to about ten in the future to allow for full autonomy. This demands very cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance and easy integration in the car exterior allowing also replacement without significant effort. Therefore, the project will use 3D-MID technology, a packaging and integration technology that allows for three-dimensional arrangements of components and great flexibility in the shape of the final module. The targeted innovations are the adaptation of the technology towards its use in wireless automotive modules through the development of a radar sensor in 3D-MID technology that is directly integrated into the bumper of a car. This module aims to surpass the angular resolution of state-of-the-art radar modules by a factor six. Moreover, the integration of bare-dies into 3D-MID technology as well the integration of fibre-optic components to allow for low-loss interconnections of multiple radar sensors are targeted innovations in this project.