Creating Impact

Xecs is a Eureka Cluster specifically designed to accelerate the pace of sustainable industrial innovation in the Electronics Components & Systems (ECS) community. The intent of Xecs is to create an ambitious international collaboration programme that will result in high levels of societal and economic impact for all those who participate in a Xecs project.

By engaging with all relevant segments of the industrial landscape – Large Enterprise, SME’s, Research and Technology Organisations and Universities – Xecs projects will go beyond the state-of-the-art, encourage disruptive innovation and enable sustainable competitiveness and growth for all those involved.

Industrially Driven – Nationally Funded

In Xecs, you choose how you will address sustainable digital transformation. By building a complementary consortium of like-minded partners, you will have the opportunity to generate new technology, drive new applications and derive mutual benefit as the results of the project are exploited.

As you prepare your project, you will have the opportunity to engage directly with National funding organisations across the Eureka Network – thereby ensuring that the project will be compatible with National funding priorities.

Innovation Ecosystems

Xecs works by catalysing the formation of innovation “ecosystems” along the ECS value chain. Projects capitalise on contributions from all elements of the RD&I sector – be they Large Enterprises, SME’s, Research and Technology Organisations or. Universities. By bringing the right partners together in “mid-size” projects (€2-80m) normally lasting 3 years, consortia can support rapid application focussed technological development. By participating in a Xecs projects, all partners are expected to not only advance the state of the art, but also materially benefit through the exploitation of the technology advances and related applications and services.

Guided by the ECS Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda prepared by experts gathered by the 3 Industry Associations AENEAS, Inside and EPoSS, Xecs will launch Calls addressing the full value chain of ECS and will benefit from the wide dynamic innovation ecosystem stimulated by these industry associations.

Building on Experience

Xecs succeeds the highly successful Penta and Euripides Clusters. Originally operating independently, Euripides and Penta decided to join forces to better serve the ECS community, and for the last 3 years have been launching joint calls. Over 6 years, we have stimulated more than €400m of RD&I projects, with over 500 partners and >40% of the funding supporting SME development. 23 countries from across the world have supported these projects – illustrating how the power of Eureka can create global impact through collaborative innovation. The breadth and depth of the projects that have been enabled by the Penta-Euripides partnership can be seen in the Driving Digital Innovation “live” report – containing a wide range of information on the content and impact of the programme.

Penta Driving Digital Innovation Report

From technology to societal achievements - collaborative RD&I is boosting European economic competitiveness and prosperity, building resilience and technology sovereignty in strategic value chains, mastering the twin transitions towards a green and digital society. Discover the Penta-Euripides Project Profiles, Technology, and Impact in this Penta Driving Digital Innovation Report!