Watch this interview from Simona Laza, Excillum AB, to hear her experience-based insights on why the SMEs should participatie in the Xecs Matchmaking Event.
Hear about the Eureka Clusters, get insights on the support we provide to Public Authorities and project participants.
Get know more about the project submission process and hear important insights on how to successfully submit your Project Proposal in the dedicated Project Zone tool.
The Xecs Call 3 was launched during the Xecs Matchmaking Event in Paris on 25 September 2023. Watch the recording and participate in the Xecs Call 3.
Hear how to create a project idea in this tool, look for other project ideas, find your future RD&I partners and exchange in the message board.
Watch this testimonial to hear why it is important for an SME to participate in the networking events, showcase your project ideas and share your SME expertise.
Discover how participation in RD&I collaborative projects can help an SME to leverage R&D investments, leading to riskier innovations and higher impact.
Willing to become part of Xecs project consortia? Hear some highlights from AENEAS SME member Marco Ezendam, Reden BV.
How to build winning project consortia & make your business expand its horizons by participating in collaborative RD&I projects? Discover in this SME interview.
The interview with Simona Laza, Excillum AB, is the first of a series of AENEAS SME members’ highlighting the importance of collaborative innovation.
Learn how to participate in Xecs and benefit from international RD&I collaboration in Electronics Components and Systems (ECS).
Xecs runs calls on an annual basis with its first call launched in 2021. The Xecs team is here to help and support you in the complete lifecycle of your projects.