Logging in to the Xecs Project Zone gives you access to everything you need to successfully build and submit a project. In addition, once your project has started, it gives you access to all the tools necessary to adapt your project to changing events.

All participants need to start by registering in the Project Zone and creating a profile for your organisation. You will then have the capability to initiate a project and invite partners to join your consortium.

Your project information is submitted by the Project Leader, together with the consortium partners, via online tools and an offline “Word” based free text document – with guidance provided on all elements of your submission. As you reach the point of submitting your Project Outline or Full Project Proposal, all elements of your submission are merged into a single document that will be reviewed by Xecs technical experts and the national funding bodies. Xecs Office support is available throughout this process.

Once projects are approved and funded, subsequent administration of the projects will also be managed through the Project Zone. This includes the Change Request process, allowing for administrative and technical changes (partner changes, effort changes, modification of deliverables etc …) and a range of reporting activities. Guidelines on how all these processes work, along with a help function, are all located in the Project Zone.