Creating Project Teams & Building your Network

High impact collaborative projects require an ambitious idea, supported by an ecosystem of partners with specific expertise. By working together, new technology can be created, and new applications enabled to the benefit of the organisations involved, the economy and society as a whole.

But how do you find the partners to make your idea happen? Or how do you bring your capabilities to the attention of others in the ECS community?

Xecs is part of an infrastructure that opens opportunities for you to create those vital contacts and build the relationships that will stimulate new ideas that can be developed into high impact projects.

You can:

  • Review the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda – a roadmap to the future created by over 300 experts from the ECS community
  • Access the ECS Collaboration Tool, an online resource designed to allow you to create project ideas, invite partners to your idea, look for ideas that you would like to join and search for potential project partners. Registering a creating a profile starts the process of building your online ECS network. Please find a video on How to Use the ECS Collaboration Tool.
  • Attend our events, organised by both Eureka and the AENEAS, Inside and EPoSS industry associations
  • Present your project ideas or expertise at brokerage events
  • Celebrate your project progress at exhibitions
  • … and much more