Xecs support

The Xecs office is an important resource for existing and potential partners in Xecs, Penta and Euripides projects. Our goal is to help you through all the phases of project idea development, consortium building, project submission and subsequent support of funded projects to a successful conclusion.

Project submission

Project submission is handled through the Xecs/Penta/Euripides Project Zone. Here you will find all the tools and resources necessary to submit your project, but the office is always there to provide expert guidance as you prepare and then finalise your project submission.

In the two-stage project submission process, we will also coordinate technical expert reviews of the project, with comprehensive feedback that will enable to maximise your chances of funding.

Xecs point of contact

Once funded, all projects are assigned a Project officer, or “Point of Contact”. This gives you access to personal support through someone who understands you and the project in which you are engaged. Technical expert “mentors” are also assigned to all projects.

As a Eureka programme, we feel that close relationships and personalised support are part of the “DNA” of what we do. As such, the Xecs office is always open to your questions and concerns

For any question please send a message to contact@eureka-xecs.com.