The interview with Marco Ezendam, Managing Director of Reden BV, is the 4th  of a series of SME testimonials from AENEAS members. Such interviews aim at highlighting the importance of collaborative innovation, including the projects of Eureka Penta and Euripides² Clusters.

In this video, Marco Ezendam stresses the importance of creating an R&D agenda, enabling SMEs to join such collaborative projects. He also highlights that it is essential for an SME to be part of a bigger consortium to speed up innovation, have more manpower, and get guidance to move in the right direction within a project.

“Don’t be afraid to start.  It’s not an angry world, and everybody is willing to help you, and there are a lot of possibilities”, – advises Marco Ezendam, encouraging other SMEs to participate in collaborative R&D projects.

Watch the full video interview here

About Reden BV

REDEN BV is a Research & Development company that excels in simulation-driven product development and the development of Digital Twins. Based on its own simulation models, Reden offers product developers a better understanding of the relationship between product design and performance; the Digital Twin. Reden is involved in new product and process development and optimising existing products and processes. Reden uses various modeling techniques, including Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Mechanics.

Reden BV is involved in Hyb-Man Penta Project, AMPERE and HyPerStripes Penta – Euripides² projects.

More about Reden BV here.

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Xecs is a EUREKA Network Cluster managed by AENEAS. Building on the highly successful PENTA and  EURIPIDES² programmes, Xecs is driving sustainable digital transformation in Electronic Components and Systems.