Xecs is delighted to announce that the submission phase for Project Outlines (POs) under the Xecs Call 3 was completed on January 18, 2024.

Xecs team thanks all participants who have contributed their ideas and efforts to this Call. Your involvement is the driving force behind our success. We also thank the supporting countries and the wider ECS community for their continued interest and engagement, which plays a vital role in advancing research and innovation in the ECS domain.


The response to this Call has been very positive, showcasing the vibrant and collaborative spirit of the ECS community. Xecs Team received 19 POs, with an overall projected cost of 225 million euros. This represents an impressive increase of 108% compared to Call 2. The diverse participation of 234 participants from 22 countries, including representatives from Estonia and Denmark, highlights the global appeal and relevance of the Xecs Calls.

Further Steps

Each submitted Project Outline is now set to undergo a thorough evaluation by the XECS Technical Expert Group. This process is critical in ensuring that we support projects with the highest potential for impact and innovation. Following this evaluation, selected project partners will be contacted and invited to submit their Full Project Proposals. Please note that the deadline for Full Project Proposal submissions is 18 April, 17:00 CEST.

As we proceed with the evaluation phase, we encourage everyone to stay tuned for further updates and the launch of the next Xecs Call 4 in autumn 2024.