Watch this video testimonial from Project Leader Klaas Jan Damstra, Grass Valley, and Project Partner Beerten Kleemans, Adimec, to get know more about the expected impact of the PENTA – EURIPIDES² IMAGINATION project, hear why consortium of innovative partners is crucial element of the project, and how project partners benefit from the pan-European collaborative innovation.

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Today, technologies such as image capture, 3D situational awareness, and image data transmission are used in a multitude of business applications across broadcasting and machine vision. In all vision-based professional applications, the trend in image capture continues towards higher spatial and temporal resolutions and better image quality. The IMAGINATION project aims to develop technologies and improved building blocks for the next generation of CMOS image sensors, signal processing, and transmission. In particular, it will develop ultra-high resolution and low noise image sensors to further improve image quality and functionality, compression, and transmission standards. The technical results will be demonstrated in prototype silicon, in machine vision and broadcast applications, and in technology demonstrators.

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PENTA, EURIPIDES² and Xecs are EUREKA Network Clusters, operated by AENEAS. Building on the highly successful PENTA and EURIPIDES² programmes, Xecs is driving sustainable digital transformation in Electronic Components and Systems.