The interview with Morten Larsen from AnyWi Technologies BV is the second of a series of testimonials from AENEAS SME members. These interviews aim at highlighting the importance of collaborative innovation.

Morten Larsen works in the development of human-centered software systems and performs R&D in human factors-related projects. AnyWi Technologies BV is involved in different collaborative RD&I projects, among which – the SunRISE PENTA Project. Morten Larsen stresses that being part of these projects helped his SME to enter new markets and to contact new potential partners and customers.

“Participation in collaborative projects is a very good investment, especially in the medium to the long term”, – considers Morten Larsen. He also highlights the benefits of risk handling when being a part of consortia.

Morten Larsen advises participating in the co-organised brokerage events, naming them an absolute key to building strong consortia.

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Xecs is a EUREKA Network Cluster managed by AENEAS. Building on the highly successful PENTA & EURIPIDES² programmes, Xecs is driving sustainable digital transformation in Electronic Components and Systems.

About AnyWi Technologies BV

AnyWi Technologies provides innovative solutions to securely connect people and technology. The distinctive character of AnyWi is in years of experience with wireless communication, advanced research and an international network of experts. Most projects in which AnyWi is involved are business-critical applications with real-time data processing.

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