Watch this video recording of the Eureka Clusters Second Online Workshop to get some important insights into the support Clusters provide to the project partners. Discover how the evaluation is performed by the Eureka Clusters experts and how the monitoring and coaching support consortia in bringing their innovation to the market.  In this video an SME is sharing its point of view and an experienced expert explains the differences, independence and value of the evaluation and monitoring process.

What’s in it for you:

• Opening, introduction and explanation of the topic
• From submission to finalisation: The different processes of a project within the Clusters:
– Evaluation and labelling
– Reviewing, monitoring and mentoring
• Testimonial from an SME (on the value of the mentoring by Tech experts)
• Testimonial from a large industry tech expert (on the evaluation model)
• Q&A

Eureka Clusters are industry-led international communities focused on strategic technology areas that aim to meet market needs and solve economic, technological and societal challenges.

More about the Eureka Clusters Programme here.

Watch this video recording of the First Eureka Clusters Workshop here.