Watch this video recording of the Eureka Clusters Workshop to hear more about the Eureka Clusters, get important insights on the support we provide both to public authorities and project participants, as well as get inspired by some impactful Cluster projects. In this video public authority representatives can also discover important information about the dedicated online portal.

What’s in it for you:

  • 00:00:0000:03:00 Welcome
  • 00:03:00 – 00:20:40 Introduction to the Eureka Clusters Programme (ECP) by Sébastien Aubron
  • 00:20:4000:22:40 – Q&A
  • 00:22:40 – 01:13:10 Presentation of the 5 Eureka Clusters (Clusters office): CELTIC-NEXT- presentation by Xavier Priem (00:22:4000:33:33); EUROGIA- presentation by Sinem Altuncu (00:33:4500:43:18); ITEA- presentation by Zeynep Sarilar (00:43:2300:52:30); SMART- presentation by Aritz Arteche (00:52:3201:00:59); Xecs- presentation by Nadja Rohrbach (01:01:0201:12:12)
  • 01:13:11 – 01:46:17 5 examples of impact of Cluster project (Clusters office):  CELTIC-NEXT (01:13:2401:18:35); EUROGIA (01:18:4401:23:10); ITEA  (01:23:1301:29:47); SMART (01:29:5001:35:50); Xecs (01:37:0401:46:17)
  • 01:46:1701:55:16 Q&A
  • 01:55:16 – 02:11:10 Clusters project cycle from matchmaking to impact. Support to Public Authorities and Project Participants – by Sébastien Aubron, CCF
  • 02:11:47 – 02:26:46 Introduction to the Public Authorities online portal by Xavier Priem and Johan van der Heide
  • 02:26:4602:30:00 Q&A

Eureka Clusters are industry-led international communities focused on strategic technology areas that aim to meet market needs and solve economic, technological and societal challenges.

More about the Eureka Clusters Programme here.