We are glad to inform the Electronic Components and Systems community about the launch of the Xecs Call 4! The call opens today,  June 4, 2024.

Submissions of Project Outlines for Xecs Call 4 are due by January 23, 2025, at 17:00 CET, through the Project Zone.

Following this, those selected will be invited to develop and submit a Xecs Full Project Proposal by April 16, 2025.

Xecs Call 4 Timeline

Learn more about the Xecs Call 4 and its schedule here.

Xecs Call 4: Essential Resources and Links to Aid Your Submission Process

For Xecs Call 4, submissions are accepted across all domains of the 2024 ECS Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. It’s important to note that specific funding criteria may vary by country, so participants should contact their national funding body representatives early to align project objectives with national priorities and understand the local funding regulations.

Find more details on Xecs national representatives here.

To facilitate the submission process in the Project Zone, access a webinar recording on “How to submit a Xecs Proposal in the Project Zone?” here.

To secure funding for your RD&I project under Xecs Call 4 in Electronic Components and Systems, potential applicants are encouraged to attend country-specific webinars. These sessions provide insights into national priorities, eligibility requirements, and funding prospects. Stay tuned for upcoming webinars here.

Xecs Matchmaking Event: Forge or Strengthen Your Project Consortium

Discover more about Xecs and its Call 4, including funding opportunities and eligibility criteria specific to your country. Present your project ideas, listen to pitches, and either establish or bolster your Xecs project consortium at the Electronic Components and Systems Community gathering in Hamburg on October 15, 2024.

Attendance at the event is free of charge, but you must register to participate. Find additional information about the Xecs Matchmaking Event and its schedule here.