Xecs is the successor of the highly successful Penta and Euripides Clusters.

Originally operating independently, Euripides and Penta decided to join forces to better serve the ECS community, and for the last 3 years have been launching joint calls. Over 6 years, we have stimulated more than €400m of RD&I projects, with over 500 partners and >40% of the funding supporting SME development. 23 countries from across the world have supported these projects – illustrating how the power of Eureka can create global impact through collaborative innovation.

Penta has now completed its 6th, and final, call for projects with applications over the lifetime of the programme exceeding €1bn. So far, this has resulted in 27 funded projects addressing a widely diverse range of technology and applications. For the last 3 Calls, Penta has been in a very successful partnership with Euripides, also serving the Electronic Components & Systems community. This has broadened opportunity for both industrial participants and public investors, as well as helping to simplify the funding landscape.

This brochure is designed to give a flavour of the extraordinary range of applications that have been addressed during these 3-year projects, and the significant advances in technology that have been made. Through a combination of written and Video material you will discover both the advances that have been made and the enthusiasm of the project leaders and teams that enabled them. Projects from earlier calls
continue to reach their conclusion, and the impact that they make will be added to this portfolio of information.

Discover the Driving Digital Innovation “live” report here.