The Bio-curity project partners held their first physical consortium meeting in Leiden, the Netherlands, on 13-14 July 2023. This meeting gathered project consortium with a goal of fostering collaboration, exchanging insights, and defining the roadmap for developing an integrated solution that revolutionizes pre-disease detection while ensuring data security and privacy by design. The consortium meeting featured keynote presentations, interactive plenary sessions, and brainstorming sessions that encouraged cross-pollination of knowledge and perspectives. With the successful completion of the first face-to-face meeting, the Bio-curity project has set its sights on an ambitious roadmap. In the coming months, the project partners will work on advancing the development of digital biomarkers, refine data analytics models, and implement state-of-the-art security measures.

More about the outcomes of the Bio-curity consortium meeting here.

About Bio-curity Project

Project partners are developing a personalised AI-driven service enabling the measurement of the digital biomarkers, which contribute new and unique features (non-invasive, continuous, real-time data measurements that will be available inside the home environment), while sharing the same traditional biomarkers clinical goals (e.g., safety, prediction, diagnosis). On top of that, this project will ensure data security and privacy by design, by creating an effective digital biomarkers ecosystem that requires transparency of the algorithms, interoperable components with open interfaces to accelerate the development of new multicomponent systems and high-integrityy measurement systems. Bio-curity activities are divided into 7 work packages that allows for a smooth collaboration between all partners involved in the project. Project consortium gathered 14 leading partners from the Netherlands and Turkey to pave the way for a future of proactive healthcare.

More about the project on Bio-curity website.